WISPA Applauds CBRS Full Commercial Deployment

Today, the FCC authorized full commercial deployment in the CBRS band.  The following statement may be attributed to Louis Peraertz, VP of Policy for WISPA:
Washington, DC, January 27, 2020 – “Today, after years of development, full commercial deployment of CBRS shared spectrum is a real thing, not a dream. Thanks to all for making that happen. In particular, the FCC must be commended, too, for shepherding the process along, and seeing the immense promise that the CBRS sharing model can and will bring in our spectrum-constrained world.  The ‘CBRS experiment’ works, its ‘thesis’ proven.  We know that if it works in this complex band, other forms of sharing – such as in the C-Band, 5.9 GHz and 6 GHz bands – can and should go forward.  We cannot wait to see what it will do for the band and for other spectrum, as it fosters the development of an innovative solutions ecosystem, inspires new wireless business models, and delivers a new generation of consumer products and services here and across the globe.”
WISPA’s approximately 850 members are composed of fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) and the industry that supports fixed wireless broadband, including equipment suppliers, support services, and other components needed to run a successful business. Our members, and WISPs, in general, provide broadband access to over 6 million residential and business customers, often in exclusively rural areas.
Mike Wendy