Contact Your Reps on Making It through the COVID-19 Crisis

We’re working hard to advance legislation in DC that addresses some of your major COVID-19 related concerns.  Hopefully, we’ll see some provisions that address customers who cannot pay, students who need connections, spectrum access, etc. We’re telling your stories since you are the ones solving connection issues for the folks who need it most first hand. But often, the best person to tell that story is you.
If you have specific issues that you’d like your state and federal reps to be aware of as they draft legislation addressing the COVID-19 crisis, please visit our Action Center to tell your story. You can customize a letter to your reps with specific issues you are encountering in dealing with this crisis so that they have a better understanding of what’s happening on the ground.
We will keep you updated with the legislative developments as they are finalized. As you know, this will be an iterative process with a number of major pieces of legislation tackling these issues coming down the pike in the next few weeks and months. Luckily, this means we don’t have just one bite at the apple. In the meantime, tell your reps your story. Keep us informed of what you need. And keep up the hard work. We’re in this fight together.

WISPA Action Center