FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks Honors DOERs Midco, Starry and Triad Wireless

The other day, FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks named honorees for his inaugural Digital Opportunity Equity Recognition (DOER) Program, which was created to recognize those closing the digital divide in un-served and underserved communities across America. 
According to Commissioner Starks, “From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic through now, I have heard stories about the innovative and rapid ways individuals, non-profit organizations, and companies are responding to the connectivity needs of people across this country who are seeking access to medical professionals via telehealth services, education, and safe ways to communicate with family and friends…” In Starks’ estimation, each honoree is impressive and laudable, demonstrating “a true commitment to serving communities through acts of substance and consequence, big and small, generosity and selflessness both during the pandemic and prior to the recent events that have changed our nation.”
Three WISPA members are among the inaugural list of honorees, noted below by Commissioner Starks for their tireless efforts:    
Midco worked with the State of North Dakota and local school districts to provide free Internet service for families who were without service; this was done in response to the COVID-19 school closures. Their quick decision to provide this service, coupled with their rapid installation response made distance learning possible. They also created a new Internet service option for their customers, allowing for a $14.95 per month high speed broadband connection, without requiring families to navigate lengthy forms and red tape.
Starry, Inc. is an innovative wideband hybrid wireless ISP that has concentrated on closing the digital divide in densely populated urban communities by launching Starry Connect in 2018. For $15 month, residents living in their Connect communities across Boston, New York City, Denver, and Los Angeles, receive 30 Mbps with no data caps or long-term contracts. At the time their application was submitted, more than 16,000 units of public and affordable housing participated in the Starry Connect program.
Triad Wireless company launched its Education Everywhere program in 2011 to support families in need of low-cost Internet across communities in Arizona. The $10 per month program provides filtered Internet access to school district-approved websites and applications for their students. Demand for their service forced Triad Wireless to find additional buildings to install wireless radio towers that could deliver their affordable services. At the time their application was submitted, Triad Wireless had signed up an additional 250 families to address internet connectivity needs during the pandemic.
Congratulations, Midco, Starry and Triad Wireless!  You exemplify what the WISP industry does 24/7/365 to reach all Americans, especially those left behind in the digital divide.