COVID-19 Relief Bill Will Keep WISP Networks Up and Americans Connected

Washington, DC, December 22,2020 – In this season of thanks and hope, WISPA is extremely thankful for the COVID-19 relief bill passed out of Congress today.  The bipartisan bill will provide a hopeful lifeline to millions of Americans and businesses as we slowly emerge from the devastation to our lives and economy brought about by the pandemic.
WISPA’s members have played a leading role in keeping Americans online during these times.  WISPs signed the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected pledge; and, working with the FCC, they brought new broadband connectivity to rural Americans via the agency’s temporary authority to use the 5.9 GHz band.  Added to this, a significant majority of WISPA’s members provided some sort of free connectivity or publicly available wi-fi to their communities on their own dime.  Their customers and the communities they serve know, revere and expect this service – robust, evolutionary connectivity which, during the crisis, has rapidly responded to their needs.  The communities to which they bring broadband are better off as a result.  
The support provided within the COVID-19 bill will help WISPs stay up and running, and keep their customers they serve online. Thank you, Congress, for coming together for all Americans.  WISPs stand ready to do their part to deliver on this promise, working as they always have to make our communities stronger, safer and more prosperous.
WISPA’s 1000 members are composed of fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) and the industry that supports fixed wireless broadband, including equipment suppliers, support services, and other components needed to run a successful business. Our members, and WISPs, in general, provide broadband access to millions of residential and business customers, often in exclusively rural areas.

Mike Wendy