VLOG: Exclusive ISP Agreements Harm Multiple Dwelling Unit Consumers

Martha Huizenga, co-owner of DC Access, an alternative provider of Internet access in Washington, DC, talks about the need to open the MDU marketplace to more c...

Claude's Blog: Community-Based Internet Providers Deliver World-Class Innovation to the Unserved

Small innovators offer needed choice for communities that have been effectively abandoned.

Getting to Know Public-Private Partnerships

Hear how the WISP community is embracing these opportunities to grow their businesses and serve their communities.

Vlog: WISPs - Tell Your story

JJ McGrath says if you're not at the table telling your story to policymakers, then you're not part of the debate.


WISPA Board Elects Association's New Officers

Todd Harpest as Chairman of the Board; Brian Young as Vice Chair; Sam Curtis as Treasurer; and Jason Guzzo as Secretary to guide WISPA through 2022

WISPA Congratulates President Biden on Signing Infrastructure Bill

WISPA members look forward to make good on the promises of eradicating the digital divide

WISPA Hails House Passage of Infrastructure Package

WISPs eager to make good on historic opportunities to close digital divide

Louis Peraertz Appointed to FCC's Communications Equity and Diversity Council

Peraertz will work to effectuate the CEDC’s mission of bringing access to digital communications to all Americans