WEBINAR - Wi-Fi’s Role in Connecting America, 4.22.21, 10-11:30am ET

WEBINAR Wi-Fi’s Role in Connecting America
Wireless connectivity is...
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WISPAMERICA 2021 - Just Around the Corner!

Join WISPA for its annual WISPAMERICA 2021, bringing together service provi... Read More


WISPA's Path to Gigabit

Our proposal seeks to expedite deployment of futureproof broadband to the hardest reach areas of America.

Vlog: Nathan Stooke on Using the Right Tool for the Right Job

Good government policy should promote multiple paths to bridging digital divide.

Claude Blog: Let's avoid hand-wringing over RDOF results before the ink is dry

WISPA will continue to study the results of the RDOF auction for important lessons learned to improve future auctions.

WISPs Are Helping Communities Stay Connected And Safe During The Crisis... And Beyond

Claude Aiken tells TechDirt how WISPs help more and more Americans thrive in good and in challenging times.


WISPA Commends Senate Republicans' Broadband Infrastructure Proposal

Pledges efforts to ensure $65 billion plan brings broadband to all Americans

Bi-partisan “Accelerating Rural Broadband Deployment Act” Would Improve Access to Federal Infrastructure and Rights-of-way

Better access would be one more tool in the quiver to rapidly and cost-effectively get Americans online in areas left behind in the digital divide

Statement on President Biden's Jobs Proposal

WISPA will work with all stakeholders so that America’s unserved and underserved communities get the tools and infrastructure they need to thrive

WISPA Partners with UNITEL to Provide Group Employee Benefits for WISPA Members

With a minimum of three enrolled employees, members can provide benefits for their teams