WISPA Welcomes the New Biden Administration!

WISPA2020 Virtual Livestreamed Content Available

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Claude Blog: Let's avoid hand-wringing over RDOF results before the ink is dry

WISPA will continue to study the results of the RDOF auction for important lessons learned to improve future auctions.

WISPs Are Helping Communities Stay Connected And Safe During The Crisis... And Beyond

Claude Aiken tells TechDirt how WISPs help more and more Americans thrive in good and in challenging times.

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks Honors DOERs Midco, Starry and Triad Wireless

These companies are doing what our industry does best - bridging the digital divide, 24/7/365.

Blog: Do We Need 1000 Units of "Broadbandium"

Lately, policymakers are hyper-focused on network speed, but they should focus on access and adoption first.


WISPA Congratulates FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel

Acting FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel has been a forward-thinking champion of bridging the digital divide

WISPA Welcomes Congressional Oversight of RDOF I Process

Examination will improve next steps in the auction process

New OTARD Rule Supercharges WISP Model of Broadband Deployment

WISPA-initiated change a major win for WISPs and the consumers they serve

WISPA Acquires, Welcomes Multifamily Broadband Council Membership

New union to focus on improving competitive access to the MDU marketplace