Claude's Blog: FCC 5.9 GHz STA Helps WISPs Serve Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Commission's leadership and quick action unleashes the lower 45 MHz of the 5.9 GHz band to WISPs and other communications providers via Special Temporary Author...

Video: Southern Broadband Serving Port Bolivar, TX, through the COVID-19 Crisis

Exemplifies what WISPs across the nation are doing to help their communities.

Contact Your Reps on Making It through the COVID-19 Crisis

Send a letter to Congress, your representatives on how you're responding.

More Unlicensed Spectrum Will Make Our Community a Better Place To Live

KwiKom's Zach Peres sings the praises of his hometown - Iola, Kansas - and notes it could be even better with more unlicensed spectrum, such as that proposed by...


House Bi-partisan Bill to Close Digital Divide Would Actually Harm That Process

The proposal, though well-meaning, will greatly harm the FCC’s inclusive process, favoring a group of players who will only break ground to bring broadband to the unserved when significant government funding is available.

WISPs Must Be a Significant Part of Any Plan to Boost COVID-19 Connectivity, Bridge Digital Divide

Senate hearing covers what broadband providers are doing to improve connectivity for all Americans.

WISPA Appreciates HEROES Act Goal to Keep Americans Connected through the Pandemic

Key majority members in the House of Representatives released the HEROES Act, an emergency appropriations bill designed to help Americans meet the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Modest Changes Will Help TVWS Ecosystem Flourish

The changes will make the ecosystem stronger, broadening Internet deployment to Americans.