FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks Honors DOERs Midco, Starry and Triad Wireless

These companies are doing what our industry does best - bridging the digital divide, 24/7/365.

Blog: Do We Need 1000 Units of "Broadbandium"

Lately, policymakers are hyper-focused on network speed, but they should focus on access and adoption first.

Claude's Blog: FCC 5.9 GHz STA Helps WISPs Serve Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Commission's leadership and quick action unleashes the lower 45 MHz of the 5.9 GHz band to WISPs and other communications providers via Special Temporary Author...

Video: Southern Broadband Serving Port Bolivar, TX, through the COVID-19 Crisis

Exemplifies what WISPs across the nation are doing to help their communities.


FCC's 3.1-3.55 and 4.9 GHz Actions Work to Open up New Spectrum Greenfields

Hungry wireless broadband consumers will be the main beneficiaries of access to this underutilized spectrum.

WISPA Hails FCC Leasing Model to Better Utilize 4.9 GHz Band

The FCC's leasing model will streamline use of the vastly underutilized band without compromising the ability of public safety users to access the spectrum.

DoD Right to Examine DSS in 3.1-3.55 GHz Bands

WISPA's hopes examination will lead to commercial use of the bands.

WISPA Files Comments on the Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications Capability to All Americans

Fixed wireless technology is the fastest and best way to address getting broadband more widely deployed.