Unlicensed FWA = Reliable Broadband

WISPA's NTIA leave-behind counts the many reasons why

WISPA's David Zumwalt Tells Doug Dawson NOFO Overbuilding a Bad Deal

NTIA's focus will undermine the digital divide, not erase it

Susan Myers Says Fiber Subsidies Promote a Race to the Bottom

FWA best way to quickly, cost-effectively connect rural Americans who lack broadband

WISPA - Broadband Without Boundaries

FWA is quick to deploy, cost-effective and available anywhere


Hurricane Ian Response

If you need help, or would like to help, click here

Veto of AB 2749 Means Unserved Californians Will Have to Wait Years for Broadband

Promise of more solutions for localities provides the best path for getting all Californians online

80 California WISPA Members Urge Signing of California Bill AB2749

Technology-Neutral rules will accelerate and broaden progress on the digital divide across the state

Farm Bill Will Deliver Better Results if More Providers Invited to the Table

Targeted funding to the truly unserved and avoidance of overbuilding key


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