Vlog: Nathan Stooke on Using the Right Tool for the Right Job

Good government policy should promote multiple paths to bridging digital divide.

Claude Blog: Let's avoid hand-wringing over RDOF results before the ink is dry

WISPA will continue to study the results of the RDOF auction for important lessons learned to improve future auctions.

WISPs Are Helping Communities Stay Connected And Safe During The Crisis... And Beyond

Claude Aiken tells TechDirt how WISPs help more and more Americans thrive in good and in challenging times.

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks Honors DOERs Midco, Starry and Triad Wireless

These companies are doing what our industry does best - bridging the digital divide, 24/7/365.


WISPA Hires Eric Slee as Director of Government Affairs

Slee to manage WISPA’s growing state and local, grassroots, and WISPA PAC portfolios

WISPA Congratulates FCC on New EBB Program

Emergency benefit will help WISPs keep at-risk individuals and families online through the pandemic

WISPA Supports Temporary E-Rate Funding for Remote Learning

Relief urged here is necessary to attack the effects of the pandemic on our nation’s classroom learning

WISPA Rebuts Arguments Which Seek to Undermine RDOF process

FCC process is sound and will see that FWA providers can deliver gigabit services