WISPA Member Midco Receives J.D. Power Award

Midco's J.D. Power award is a big deal.  J.D. Power has been delivering industry intelligence on customer interactions with brands and products for more than 50 years, with leading businesses across major industries relying on the firm to guide their customer-facing strategies.  The coveted award means Midco provides service on level with the very largest and well-regarded communications companies in America.

What an awesome accomplishment!   

The award is built on the measurement of overall satisfaction with internet service providers based on five factors: performance and reliability; cost of service; communications and promotions; billing and payment; and customer care.  According to J.D. Power, “More than half—58%— of a customer’s satisfaction is driven by the quality and consistency of the internet connection, and how the customer perceives the value of that connection,”

For the award, J.D. Power ranks Midco highest in the North Central region with a score of 734, followed by AT&T (724) and CenturyLink (717).

MIDCO represents some of the best this industry has to offer, providing fiber, cable and/or fixed wireless services throughout its mostly rural markets.  Attached below are excerpts from Midco's press statement on the J.D. Power Award:
“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Their wants, needs and preferences help us understand how we can best serve them,” said Sr. Customer Experience Manager Noelle Tieszen. “They hold us accountable and tell us when they expect more. They also applaud us when we exceed their expectations. This award is a really cool testament to that.”

“Our field technicians take their jobs very seriously. They know how much our customers depend on our services to work from home, learn online, connect with their loved ones and sometimes escape their daily reality,” said VP of Field Operations Steve Mattern. “Reliable, fast internet is more important than ever before, and we don’t take providing it lightly.”

“Quality and speed are essential when it comes to internet,” said VP of Network Engineering Pao Lo. “Year after year, we invest in our network to make sure its performance and reliability are second to none.”

Understanding the increased need for internet as well as heightened customer expectations, Midco is committed to taking its products and services to the next level.

Fiber Forward: Midco is leaping ahead with Fiber Forward, an expansive investment that uses the company’s robust fiber network and next gen fiber tech to bring 10 Gig (10G) speeds to the region. Fiber Forward increases economic development, education and quality of life in our communities.

10G: In partnership with U.S. and international cable providers, Midco will deliver a 10G platform. 10G provides fast symmetrical speeds, low latency, unmatched reliability, extra compute capabilities and rock-solid security for the broadest range of customers.

Rural Internet: Focused on helping to close the digital divide in rural America, Midco Rural Internet uses fixed wireless technology to help customers stay connected no matter where they live.

“Winning this award from J.D. Power is such an honor,” said CEO & Chair Pat McAdaragh. “We’re so very grateful for our customers, and it feels good to know they appreciate us. This award is the result of the team’s dedication and hard work. I’m so proud of them, and I’m thankful to be part of this award-winning team.” 

Congratulations, Midco, for being an exemplary WISP!