WISPA Awards Winner Profile - Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks has an amazing provenance – it was spun out of the “father of wireless,” Motorola, in October 2011. Maybe that’s why so many WISPs and others use Cambium products and services to provide broadband access to residential and business customers. Whatever the reasons, millions of Cambium radios are deployed across the globe to deliver purpose-built networks for a wide range of solution providers, empowering those partners to economically maximize broadband and Wi-Fi performance in urban, suburban, and rural environments.

At WISPAPALOOZA 2022, Cambium Networks was awarded best Service of the Year for its cnHeat offering. Here’s a little bit more about what cnHeat is, and Cambium’s role in our industry’s vibrant ecosystem.
  • What is cnHeat?  And how does it serve the evolving WISP industry? cnHeat is a very accurate heatmapping tool that uses LiDAR data to predict RF coverage. It operates at 1m resolution so that operators can schedule installs with confidence without first doing site surveys. This saves an incredible amount of time and money and helps operators run more efficiently.
  • What’s Cambium’s role/place in the WISP industry? Cambium Networks is committed to the WISP industry. For decades, Cambium Networks has been working closely with WISP operators to bring wireless connectivity to communities around the world. Our ONE Network of solutions enables WISPs to efficiently operate a secure and converged network to deliver outstanding online experiences to business and residential subscribers.
  • What does the WISP industry bring to Americans? The nearly 1,000 WISP operators who are members of WISPA are leading the communications industry in deploying fixed wireless access and Wi-Fi 6 equipment to connect communities which are frequently overlooked by national service providers. By being on the leading edge of a fast-paced evolution in technology, they are also creating best practices for others to follow.
  • What excites you about WISPs? WISPs are continually innovating. Their relentless spirit and ingenuity is leading the charge to Connect the Unconnected.
  • Your offerings go beyond serving just fixed wireless – what are some of those products and services?  For service providers, Cambium Networks offers licensed and unlicensed point-to-point backhaul, point-to-multipoint fixed wireless solutions at 3 (CBRS), 5, 6, 28 and 60 GHz, switching and indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solutions – all centrally managed with the cnMaestro system. These solutions are all converged to operate as ONE Network experience for WISPs, so that they can offer reliable and affordable connectivity.
If you'd like to know more about Cambium Networks, please visit their website here.