Hundreds of ISPs Urge FCC to Open 10 GHz Band for Commercial Use

Washington, DC, December 9, 2022 – 242 ISPs sent a letter to the FCC urging it open 500 megahertz of the 10 GHz band to commercial use, stating they “strongly support “ a related Petition for Rulemaking (“Petition”) filed in October by the Coordinated Sharing Coalition (“Coalition”), which is comprised of WISPA, Public Knowledge, New America’s Open Technology Institute, and Cambium Networks.   
Among other things, the letter notes:
“We support the Coalition’s proposals because they will help meet the increasing demand for fixed broadband access.  The Petition also demonstrates how the interests of federal and amateur users can be protected from harmful interference through nationwide licensing under Part 101 of the FCC’s rules and the use of automated frequency coordination systems.  This is a proven spectrum sharing technique that optimizes spectral use and efficiency and is in line with similar sharing coordination approaches the FCC has adopted for the 6 GHz band and in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service.

“The Commission has allocated thousands of megahertz of licensed and unlicensed spectrum for last-mile use over the last 10 years.  But fixed broadband providers must have the ability to maintain strong connections, increase throughput and minimize congestion for backhaul, middle mile, and other point-to-point links – especially in rural areas where fiber may not be available or affordable – in order to meet future consumer needs.  Opening 500 megahertz of spectrum [in the 10 – 10.5 GHz band] for point-to-point wireless services will address this critical need.”
The letter ends by urging the Commission to invite public comment on the Petition “as soon as possible” because “American consumers cannot wait.”
Read the letter here.
Read the Coalition Petition here.
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Mike Wendy