WISPA Excited to Work With 118th Congress to Close Digital Divide

The following quote may be attributed to Eric Slee, VP of Government Affairs, WISPA – Broadband Without Boundaries:
Washington, DC, January 3, 2023 – The 118th U.S. Congress convenes today, and WISPA is excited to work with all Members on closing the digital divide once and for all.  No American who wants to get online should be without it.  To this end, we urge the new Congress to focus on: 
  • Continued oversight of the NTIA’s BEAD program so states have the needed flexibility to employ all access solutions to connect the truly unserved;
  • Examining existing broadband support programs to ensure taxpayer resources are targeted to truly unserved areas;
  • Where broadband support programs are needed, making sure such programs are technologically neutral as well as “right-sized” for small businesses, thus inviting more solutions – especially those provided by small ISPs;
  • FCC auction authority which ensures meaningful access by small players to obtain critical spectrum resources;
  • Creation of a spectrum pipeline which identifies more shareable spectrum for commercial use, and which also provides ample unlicensed spectrum opportunities for small ISPs; and
  • Guidance to the FCC to make sure their regulations are fair, reasonable and the least burdensome path to protect broadband consumers.        
Welcome, 118th Congress!  We have a lot of work ahead, and we stand ready to help you help small ISPs everywhere get broadband to all Americans, no matter where they live.
About WISPA – Broadband Without Boundaries
WISPA’s approximately 1000 members provide fixed broadband connectivity, and include equipment suppliers, support services, and other industry partners and stakeholders. Our members provide broadband access to millions of residential and business customers in rural, urban, and Tribal areas across America.
Mike Wendy