WISPA Congratulates New FCC Nominees

Washington, DC, May 22, 2023 – WISPA – Broadband Without Boundaries congratulates President Joe Biden in nominating Anna M. Gomez as new Commissioner of the FCC, and re-nominating current Commissioners Geoffrey Starks and Brendan Carr for new terms at the agency.  If confirmed, each would bring years of experience and ability to the positions at the Commission, helping the agency keep abreast of communications technology and the marketplace in service of the American communications consumer.  

Importantly, it would bring the Commission to full strength, enabling it to move more confidently forward – especially in the area of spectrum policy, which, now more than ever, demands a clear, balanced and functioning pipeline to meet the demand of America’s mobile and fixed wireless consumer.  Put simply, having more commercial spectrum available will not only increase competition and innovation, but it will also allow WISPA members access to the raw infrastructure that connects lives and bridges digital divides in rural, under-resourced and Tribal areas of the country.  

On top of spectrum policy, WISPA remains hopeful that the Commission will also meaningfully address:
  • Where needed, targeted subsidy programs that expedite broadband deployment to unserved locations in a technology-flexible and cost-effective manner.
  • Fast and fair access to infrastructure for broadband deployments no matter the location, whether Federal, state, municipal or private.
  • And, should they be necessary, laws and regulation that are right-sized for small companies.
We are excited for the work ahead and pledge our steadfast efforts to ensure that the FCC effectively guides and nurtures the communications industry – one which makes hundreds-of-millions of lives better, safer and more prosperous.         
About WISPA – Broadband Without Boundaries
WISPA’s approximately 1000 members provide fixed broadband connectivity, and include equipment suppliers, support services, and other industry partners and stakeholders. Our members provide broadband access to millions of residential and business customers in rural, urban, and Tribal areas across America.
Mike Wendy