New FCC Map Heralds Success of ISP Industry

Washington, DC, May 31, 2023 – The FCC’s new broadband map tells the success story of the vibrant and growing ISP broadband industry – one working 24/7/365 to almost halve the number of unserved locations since 2020.  Down from nearly 14 million unserved to eight million today, WISPs have played an important and essential role in narrowing the gap, especially in rural, under-resourced and Tribal parts of America.
WISPs deliver a diverse array of connectivity solutions – such as fiber and fixed wireless technologies – to marketplaces left behind or ignored by legacy providers.  They serve millions of Americans in the toughest reaches of our country.  Their efforts quickly, cost-effectively and reliably bridge the digital divide.  
State broadband deployment programs will find greater success where fixed wireless technology can be maximized.  BEAD, other government programs and, perhaps most importantly, an environment where private risk and innovation can thrive, are important tools to get all online today, not years from now.  
America wins when all solutions answer our toughest connectivity challenges.  WISPs are up to the task and are excited for the work ahead.

About WISPA – Broadband Without Boundaries
WISPA’s approximately 1000 members provide fixed broadband connectivity, and include equipment suppliers, support services, and other industry partners and stakeholders. Our members provide broadband access to millions of residential and business customers in rural, urban, and Tribal areas across America.
Mike Wendy